James Gordon was the police commissioner of Gotham City and a stalwart champion of the actions of Batman and Robin whom he considered the city's best defense against crime.

Gordon often doled out orders to his police chief, O'Hara, who held the Dynamic Duo in the same high regard as Gordon.

Gordon's family life was intrinsically tied to Batman and Robin's, though he was unaware of it. His daughter, Barbara, sometimes adventured as the masked hero, Batgirl. Gordon almost became the reluctant father-in-law to the Penguin, who sought to marry Gordon's daughter Barbara, thinking that having a family connection to the police commissioner might earn him immunity from the law. The wedding never took place however, much to Gordon's delight.[1]


  • Cosmic Awareness: Commissioner Gordon has, at times, shown to be fully aware of being a fictional character, even breaking the Fourth Wall and directly talking to the viewer on a few occasions.[2][3][4]




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