Quote1 Who else is going to let this city be owned by the criminal scum who prey off it? Who else is a damn coward? Not me. Not anymore. Quote2
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James Gordon is a detective for the Gotham City Police Department.

An experienced and hardened officer in the service, Gordon (while not being explicitly corrupt) did not fight against the misconduct rampant through the department and city. With the help of The Batman and his partner Harvey Bullock, he overcomes his fears and takes control of his convictions, fighting for his city despite the odds. He is a single father, father to Barbara Gordon. He lost his wife in a car accident.

Batman: Earth One Vol. 1

Gordon is working at the precinct. Weary of his work, he is surprised to see his daughter visiting him at the department. Barbara brings him food, and Gordon chastises her for creating an unnecessary risk of being out alone in Gotham. Gordon is later called into the captain's office where he is assigned a new partner, Harvey Bullock. Grudgingly, he accepts, sporting a less than friendly attitude towards the giddy new recruit. There, Bullock tells him he intends to solver one of the departments oldest cold cases: the murder of Bruce Wayne's parents.

Gordon and Bullock are later seen patrolling Gotham where they come across Axe who seems to be shaking down another man. Gordon disregards the scuffle, but Bullock exits the car, attempting to stop fight. After Bullock stops Axe, Gordon pulls his partner off of the man, much to Bullock's confusion. Bullock demands answers from Gordon, who in retort tells Bullock not to judge him seeing as that Harvey doesn't know him. Both men get back in the car and drive off in silence.

Attending the 300th anniversary of Gotham as security, Gordon is called up to the roof for reinforcements. The Batman has appeared and much to Gordon's surprise, gets slugged in the face, breaking his nose. Gordon, back at the precinct, once again coldly regards his partner with contempt and leaves the office once his shift is over. Bullock arrives at Jim's house carrying with him the the case of the Wayne murders, cases that had been checked out under Gordon's name. At this time Gordon receives a phone call from Axe who calls from Barbara's phone. Realizing his partner has inadvertently endangered his daughter's life, Gordon slams Bullock against the wall. Gordon then explains his story. His wife had died in a car accident. Whether this was done with a purpose is unknown. Either way, Gordon turns his cheek during the job to protect his daughter. Full of grief, he asks Bullock on what they should do. Bullock picks up a baseball bat and suggests they should go and ask Axe if he likes baseball.

After interrogating Axe, they learn that Barbara is being held at the abandoned Arkham manor. Gordon decides not to call for backup and rushes into the complex. Gordon and Bullock get separated after entering the manor. Jim accidentally runs into Batman who has to knock some sense into the stricken officer. Following Batman, they manage to find the Birthday Boy, a serial killer employed by Mayor Oswald Cobblepot. After a tough fight, Batman, Gordon, and Bullock manage to defeat the Birthday Boy. Gordon takes his daughter home.
The next day at the precinct, Jim Gordon officially arrests Axe. Gordon claims he's tired of being afraid and finally decides to clean up the city he vowed to protect long ago.

Batman: Earth One Vol. 2

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  • The character of Commissioner Gordon was originally created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane and first appeared in Detective Comics #27. This Earth One variation of the character was created by Geoff Johns.



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