James Gordon was a Police Inspector of Gotham City in the alternate reality known as Earth-19.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

Gordon, as a police inspector, was in charge of investigating the case of Jack the Ripper. He also showed support to Bruce Wayne, after he was framed for the Ripper's crimes. Eventually, Gordon murdered the Ripper after the killer had been captured by Batman and he tried one last murder attempt against his captor. After these events, Gordon allowed Batman to operate in Gotham City, becoming his most trusted ally in the force.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight (Movie)

James Gordon was both the police inspector in charge of the "Jack the Ripper" case and the infamous Jack the Ripper himself.

During the Civil War, James Gordon served as a medic. Having witnessed "evil" firsthand, he theorized the source of those atrocities: prostitutes, immigrants, illiterates and criminals. Deciding to purge Gotham City, he took the identity of Jack the Ripper and started his crusade by killing prostitutes. At the same time, as a police inspector, he was charged to arrest Jack the Ripper.

He'd eventually be stopped by Batman; but rather than accepting his defeat, James Gordon let himself be burnt alive.

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  • James Gordon is single in the comics but married in the movie.
  • James Gordon was voiced by Scott Patterson.



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