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Quote1.png My name is Jim. I'm a hardworking detective with a beautiful wife who won't touch me even though I treat her like a queen and do everything for her. Everything! Quote2.png
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Commissioner James "Jim" Gordon is the erratic, moody, and overworked police commissioner of Gotham City who works closely with Batman and seeks companionship from him. He is a frequent enemy of Gotham's criminals, including Harley Quinn's Crew.


Other Characteristics

  • Mentally Unstable: It's seems that Gordon is finally starting to crack from all the years of dealing with the crime in Gotham City. Even Harley, a former psychiatrist, wondered what was up with him. His mental state got even worse since his wife started cheating on him.
    • Alcoholism (Formerly): After learning his daughter was Batgirl, he was inspired to give up his alcohol addiction.



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