Jim Gordon was the commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department and ally to Batman's Insurgency against Superman's Regime.

Before the destruction of Metropolis, Jim Gordon worked closely with Batman, Gotham's vigilante. The two had a good working relationship, with Gordon installing the Batsignal on top of GCPD Headquarters. Gordon's daughter Barbara even became Batman's crimefighting partner Batgirl and Oracle. Though he pretended not to know any of their secret identities for their own benefit, being the detective that he was, Gordon always knew since the first night Barbara snuck out of the house as Batgirl. [1]

Year Two

After Superman murdered Green Arrow for infiltrating his Fortress of Solitude, he announced Batman was to be seen as a terrorist and a fugitive. Superman went to Gotham and threatened Commissioner Gordon for information about Batman, but Gordon calmly swore he had nothing to tell. [2]

Once Superman ordered for his army of Regime soldiers to occupy Gotham, Gordon reached out to his daughter and admitted that he knew everything about her secret life as a vigilante and wanted to contact Batman, wherever he was. Barbara admitted that Batman was healing from his back injury at the Tower of Fate but invited her father to join the Insurgency. [3]

Gordon further recruited Renee Montoya and Harvey Bullock to the resistance after the latter was beaten in the streets by one of Superman's stormtroopers for staying out past curfew. [4] Gordon organized a police resistance in Gotham with the rest of the Insurgency, sharing newly synthesized super pills with the demonstrators. [5]

For seven months, Gordon operated with the Insurgency until the final push from the Green Lanterns to depose Superman. The Insurgents, coordinating with the Lanterns' attack, broke into the Hall of Justice, and Gordon learned that Lex Luthor was acting as a double agent for the Insurgency. Gordon's cancer had progressed to terminal status and, with nothing to lose but his daughter, went on a suicide mission to cripple Superman's regime using a teleporter to the Justice League Watchtower. [6] Once there, Gordon, powered with the super pill, successfully disabled Cyborg before the League member could track where the Insurgency was based.

Having saved the Insurgency to fight another day, Gordon looked at the Earth from the watchtower and admired the planet's beauty. He called his daughter and spoke to both her and Batman, saying his goodbyes, before succumbing to his cancer on the space station.


  • Investigation: Gordon, being an impressive detective, always knew the secret identities of the vigilantes that operated in his city. He only played dumb to keep their secrets. [7]


  • Lung Cancer: Superman detected lumps in Gordon's lungs from smoking and suggested he get treatment before it spread. [8]


  • 5-U-93-R Pill: The super pill, Gordon became as strong and invulnerable as Superman, being able to withstand a bullet at point blank range. [9]



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