Quote1.png That's just it, right? Whatever it is. Or whatever happens. I'm not Superman. Quote2.png
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James "Jim" Harper is a former police officer who now dispenses vigilante justice on criminals under the alias of the Guardian.

He patrols the Suicide Slum, a district of Metropolis.[1]

While out on patrol one night Guardian ambushed Boss Moxie in his car and began beating on him. However he was soon interrupted by the super-powered mob enforcer Red Cloud, who overpowered Harper and wounded him so badly he fell into a coma.[1]

Harper woke up relatively soon and remained in hospital while his wounds were treated. During his stay in hospital a man posing as a doctor visited Jim. The man, whose face was shrouded, told Jim that all of the U.S.A.'s covert organisations had been destroyed including Spyral, the D.E.O., A.R.G.U.S., Project Cadmus and others like them were all gone. The mysterious figure also told Jim that he worked for an organization known as Leviathan, who wanted to recruit him into their ranks.[2]

At some point James visited Sanctuary, a mental health institute ran by superheroes for superheroes, intended to help people like Jim sooth the difficulties of life as a superhero. Jim decided to visit Sanctuary because he felt that he lived in the shadow of Superman and would never mean anything to the citizens of Metropolis. It is unknown if Jim was able to settle this emotional issue or not.[3]





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