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Jimmy Henton was Alan Scott's late secret lover.

Jimmy was just another passenger on a train Alan used to take when he first met him. He was Alan's first love. Shortly thereafter Jimmy found a work as a train conductor, and during his travels Alan used to meet him secretly in the engine room.[1]

The two of them traveled aboard a train to, according to Alan, try to escape from himself. The train would pass over a bridge that Alan designed; he recently outbid a rival engineer named Albert Dekker for that bridge contract, but a bomb exploded beneath the bridge derailing the train. Everyone on board was killed in the explosion – everyone but Alan Scott. When Alan woke up, he tried to save the dying Jimmy, who pointed out to him the presence of a strange green light among the wreckage, a light that Jimmy had seen before and showed Alan in the fire of a hearth.

With this fantastic new power under his command, Alan set out to find Albert Dekker – the man responsible for blowing up the bridge and killing Jimmy. Glowing like a green phantom, he phased through the walls of Dekker's office and made him see justice.

After a revealing encounter with Jimmy's mother, Doris Henton, Alan promised her that he would continue to use that light, which she said was also in her son, to help people find their way through the darkness.[2]