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Quote1.png I've had 20 years to come up with the perfect trick. It's going to be my masterpiece. My Mona Lisa. My Breaking Bad season five. They gave me cable in prison so I'd stop killing the guards. Quote2.png
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James Jesse was an aging villain who molded his son as the next Trickster.

20 years ago, The Trickster was widely considered to be the greatest threat to Central City until he was captured. Over the course of his confinement, James continued to kill, and show no signs of rehabilitation. One of his most noteworthy stunts was talking a psychologist into commenting suicide, forcing him into his own personal confinement cell. During this time, he wrote to a boy named Axel Walker, who was unaware James was his father, then molded him into being The New Trickster.

While interrogated by Joe and Barry, James put up a convincing act that he had no idea who the new Trickster was. Even to the point where James was enraged by one of Axel's posts. After escaping with a hostage, James and Axel reunited at their hideout, where they planed to make there next move and James revealed Axel's heritage.

Their plan was simple: Force the wealthiest of Central City to donate everything they had to the father son duo by giving them a time based poison laced in champagne at a Gala. The Flash stepped in to stop them, only for James to attach a bomb to his wrist which would go off if The Flash didn't go a certain speed. After removing the bomb, Flash administered the antidote to the victims and rescued his father. The father son duo was quickly arrested.

The next year at Christmas, James was recruited by Mark Mardon in an attempt to kill The Flash after the hero's defeat at the hands of Zoom along with Captain Cold. Cold was against the idea of killing The Flash as he previously helped save his sister, so he went to warn Flash.

James and Mark went off to kill the Flash, as Trickster placed powerful explosives in the season's hottest toy of the year. The two threatened to set off everyone one should Barry stop them. However the STAR Labs team used the breaches above Central City to magnetize one of the bombs and attracted the others, safely detonating them, allowing Barry to arrest the two.

James broke out of jail between sometime in 2017. However, he made no attempt to rescue Axel; despite this, Axel still looked up to his father, whom he always idolized.


  • Gadgetry: James is a skilled inventor, able to turn harmless children's toys into deadly traps or killing machines.
  • Deception: James is a skilled actor, able to put on the act that he had no idea who the second Trickster was.
  • Demolitions: James has expertise in bombs, often employing them in his "pranks".
  • Tactical Analysis: Having studied the Flash before they ever met, James knew about his speed and came up with the idea of a bomb from the movie Speed.


  • Mental Illness: The Trickster is twisted in whatever sense of the word you can think of. He has no regard for life itself, only caring if his "pranks" get the punchline delivered. He actually takes being called insane as a compliment.



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