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James Jesse was a psychotic mass murderer whom Megan Lockhart, the private investigator who discovered that Barry Allen was the Flash, had a run-in with when she was operating as a repo man, who was nearly killed by Jesse when the Flash came to her rescue.

Jesse was then turned into the police, but soon escaped his captors and drove to Central City where he remade himself into the masked menace known as the Trickster, playing all sorts of dangerous practical jokes in order to rescue his "sweetheart" Megan from the "hypnotic influences" of the Flash. The Trickster captured both Megan and Barry at his hideout in an abandoned warehouse and attempted to drown Barry inside a water tank, which he managed to escape by using his super speed powers. The Flash then drew the Trickster into attending the Central City Police Department's charity costume ball and used a super speed one-man juggling act to take him down, causing him to be brought into the custody of the local police.

Later on, James Jesse escaped with the help of Zoey Clark, a fan who offered herself as the official version of his sidekick Prank as well as her resources. Jesse and Clark then captured the Flash, with Jesse using a brainwashing machine to make the Flash into his ally. However, Jesse showed little interest in having anything to do with Clark other than using her for her resources. After dumping Clark out of a trailer truck so that she would be apprehended by the police, Jesse tried to stop the restored Flash by dumping exploding cars in his wake, but was ultimately captured and brought back into custody again.





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