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James Jesse is the original Trickster and an enemy of the Flash.[1]


James Jesse was the son of two Central City trapeze artists known as the "Flying Jesses", a deliberate rip off of the "Flying Graysons". James' parents were lying cheats who only cared about money, when they weren't on the trapeze they were scamming people on the streets. James' parents wanted James to become a famous trapeze artist, and although he didn't want that life, James never-the-less practiced in order to gain approval from his neglectful parents. However at the end of the day James' parents still only cared about money and so James ran away from the circus to start a new life in Central City.[2]

James became a masterful con-man, believing himself to be the greatest con-man alive. During a long con at S.T.A.R. Labs James gained access to a pair of Anti-Gravity Boots which allowed him to walk on air. James soon began calling himself the Trickster, becoming one of the Flash's first enemies, who constantly tried to stop Trickster's cons.[2]



  • Anti-Gravity Boots: Jesse once pulled a long con disguised as a S.T.A.R. Labs technician where he learnt how to construct boots capable of defying gravity, essentially allowing him to walk on air.[2]



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