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Jimmy Olsen was a photographer at the Daily Planet, and a good friend of Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

Daily Planet

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The Future

An older Jimmy Olsen

Jimmy was eventually let go from the Daily Planet. He used his severance package to start his own news outlet. The company took off, and Jimmy became a media mogul. Reuniting with his former collogue Clark Kent, he was able to recruit him as his newest reporter.[1]

When Justice League Unlimited left to deal with Ouroboros, Superman put Jimmy in charge of the Justice League Watchtower.[2] Afterwards the serpent retaliated by targeting the tower and Olsen stayed to help organized the defense.[3] While the league was able to kill Ouroboros, she crashed into the watchtower. As the roof caved in, Jimmy pushed Amanda Waller to safety, sacrificing himself in the process.[4]




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