Quote1.png There should be a record. A record of this moment. Of these heroes. I want them to be remembered. There should be a record of their sacrifice. I mean, I'm never going to forget what I was saved from. However long I live, I will live with the reminder. But I want everyone to remember the heroes who fought for the living, after tomorrow. Tomorrow could be their last day. Tomorrow the greatest heroes left on Earth try to halt the Anti-Life Army. Quote2.png
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Jimmy Olsen is a photographer who worked at the Daily Planet before the Anti-Life Equation turned Earth's inhabitants into the Anti-Living.

Jimmy worked as a photographer for the Daily Planet newspaper and was present at the scene of the fight between Justice League of America and Darkseid. As he turned in his photos to his editor Perry White, the latter and most of the Daily Planet staff were turned into the Anti-Living. Jimmy directed his fellow uninfected workers including Cat Grant and Ron Troupe to hide in the building's broadcast room.[1]

Jimmy also figured out that people were being infected by viewing the screens of their devices and told that the other survivors they can't use phones. As the Anti-Living started breaking down the door of the broadcast room, Jimmy and others tried to barricade it but were soon rescued by Superman,[1] who took all the infected outside the building and barricaded its entrance.[2] Clark told the survivors to stay put and asked Jimmy to look after them.[1]

When Captain Atom exploded and destroyed Metropolis, Jimmy and others in the building were saved due to a force field created around it by Dinah Drake using her Green Lantern Ring.[1] The Justice League took him to stay with other survivors at the Fortress of Solitude, where he revealed to Superman that he had figured out he was his co-worker Clark Kent long ago after drawing glasses on his photos, but hadn't told him earlier as he didn't want him worrying for his safety.[3]

He was later taken to Nantucket island along with other refugees from all over North America, to be processed and transferred to Poison Ivy's jungle in Gotham City. The younger heroes were deputed to guard the refugees, but Jimmy recognized the adults had stationed them there in order to protect them. The island was however soon attacked by an Anti-Living horde led by Black Adam, due to the infected Nightshade opening up a portal for them through the Land of the Nightshades.[4]

During the battle with the horde, Atom Smasher became infected and was tossed into the ocean by the Superboy, Jon Kent, and Wonder Girl. The tidal wave ran through Nantucket, taking out both living and Anti-Living, though Jimmy himself survived. Seeing an opportunity to kill the the survivors, Black Adam sent a blast of lightning to electrocute the drenched survivors. Jon however threw himself in front of the bolt and absorbed most of it, though some of the lightening ricocheted off his Kryptonian skin and into Jimmy's left eye, causing its permanent loss.[5]

As Jon checked on Jimmy, he warned him about Black Adam coming towards him. Jon struggled to fend Adam off even with the help of his friends and his dad Superman intervened after hearing him call for help.[5] When the heroes later prepared to fight the Anti-Living army led by Black Adam, he started collecting pictures of them so they and their heroic deeds could be remembered.[1]


  • Photography: Using his camera, Jimmy was able to figure out from the photo that it was people's phones that were infecting everyone, causing him to throw one of the survivor's phones out the window of the Daily Planet when she tried to call her family.[6]
  • Journalism


  • Missing Eye: Jimmy lost his left eye after Jon saved the rest of Nantucket from Black Adam's lightning bolt, the leftover discharge bounced off Jon's skin and into Jimmy's eye.[7]




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