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Jimmy Olsen was a photographer at the Daily Planet, where he became friends with reporters Lois Lane and Clark Kent.

He accompanied Lois on an assignment to California, when Lex Luthor nuked the San Andreas Fault and almost destroyed all of California. However, Jimmy's life was saved by Superman.[2]

Sometime after that, Jimmy was assigned to follow Clark Kent to Smallville, Kansas and cover Kent's high school reunion. However, during the ride there, their bus was stopped near a fire at a chemical plant. Wanting to cover the fire for the paper, Jimmy climbed up on the ladder of a fire engine, to get some shots. However, he fell off it and hurt his leg. He almost burned to death but was once more saved by Superman. Having broken his leg, Jimmy had to return to Metropolis.[1]

While Superman was away on a peacekeeping mission, Jimmy decided to pay a visit to Lois Lane's younger sister, Lucy. The two began a relationship and joined a small group, that tried to fight back against the witch Selena, but were captured. However, they were saved by Supergirl.[3]




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