Jimmy Olsen (1919-1989) was a photographer who worked for the Daily Planet during the time that his best friends Clark Kent and Lois Lane also worked there.

In 1953, he helped keep Lois Lane company while waiting for Superman's return as she was delivering her second child Kara Kent. In 1959, he helped Superman regain control of himself through a Mentallo helmet after he had been turned into a giant through exposure to Red Kryptonite. Jimmy continued to work at the Daily Planet until 1979, when he retired to become a book author. In 1989, he and his wife Lucy Lane, along with his son Clark, his daughter-in-law, and his grandchildren, were killed in separate incidents that were orchestrated by the Ultra-Humanite posing as Lex Luthor.


  • This version of the character is native to the Superman & Batman: Generations series of stories.



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