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Quote1.png I'm "accountable." I can hack any system. I can basically breathe information. No one can hide from me. Quote2.png
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Jimmy Olsen was a hacktivist who went by the web-name "Accountable". The scale and effectiveness of his activities led the public to assume he was an entire organization. He was eventually captured by the World Army and imprisoned at their Arkham Base. After merging with the Mother Box and becoming a New God, Jimmy called himself Doctor Impossible.

The invasion

Jimmy would be freed by the new Batman, Red Tornado, and Sonia Sato along with fellow prisoner Aquawoman. Before leaving Jimmy would have them free another previously unknown prisoner that had been one of the reasons for his imprisonment. This "alien" as he called it would turn out to be a Kryptonian named Val who was held there by Terry Sloan. After heading to the exit Batman would have Red Tornado blindfold Jimmy so he would not see the battle outside which had turned into a slaughter. Jimmy would be successfully extracted by Red Tornado and taken to the Batcave with Val.

Jimmy was brought to the Batcave with Red Tornado and Val, where he met up with the rest of Batman's allies.

Worlds End

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The Society

In the New Earth 2, Jimmy called himself Doctor Impossible and teamed up with Jonny Sorrow, Anarky and Hourman to terraform the Earth and turn it into a Mother Box. He killed Terrence Sloan to carry out his plan and battled the Wonders of the World, until he was imprisoned by the Green Lantern for eternity.


  • His identity as Accountable echos real life hacktivist movements like Anonymous or journalistic websites such as Wikileaks.



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