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Jimmy Olsen is a photographer for the Daily Planet.


Jimmy's parents were wealthy and enjoyed a jet-setting lifestyle, allowing him to live rent-free in a swanky Metropolis apartment while he worked as a cub reporter for the Daily Planet. During this period, he and Lois Lane bagged the scoop on the red-and-blue vigilante that they christened "Superman". Also during this period, Jimmy met Clark Kent, a reporter who promptly became his best friend, bonding over obscure sci-fi films.

Sometime after the Collector of Worlds tried to steal Metropolis, his parents were declared dead under mysterious circumstances. Although their large fortune was now his to take, Jimmy was convinced the pair had vanished to avoid prosecution, and that if he were to spend their money, they would sue him for it when they returned.

New 52

Forever Evil

When Ultraman arrives at the Daily Planet he questions Jimmy of his occupation there. Jimmy tells him he's a photographer and takes a picture of him, Ultraman then proceeds to crush his camera and break his hand. Ultraman states that on his Earth his version of Jimmy Olsen takes pictures of Lois Lane for "favors". Jimmy desperately activates his Signal Watch calling for Superman, but it instead gets the attention of Black Adam.

DC Rebirth

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Infinite Frontier

Relationship with Silver Banshee

Siobhan Smythe was posting flyers all over town to advertise a concert from her rock band. Eventually, she came across Jimmy and they fell in love, with Siobhan ultimately revealing that she was the former criminal known as Silver Banshee. Jimmy, in a display of understanding, revealed that he, too, had been occasionally transformed into all kinds of wacky creatures, like a turtle, a monkey and even a porcupine.

One day, Lois sneaks out of the Daily Planet to buy a cup of coffee, while Jimmy talks to her about what he found about Marilyn Moonlight Suddenly, a fight between Superman and Silver Banshee reaches the surface and the hero asks Banshee to stop fighting and instead come to Supercorp so she can get help. Jimmy attempts to stop the fight all by himself, revealing Silver Banshee to be his girlfriend.

Graft's experimentation has caused Banshee's powers to go unstable, which is why a squad of soldiers from Supercorp have arrived to assist Superman by giving him a hypersonic cannon, a special weapon that can neutralize her screams. Superman, not wanting to cause severe damage to Banshee, crushes the weapon but keeps its hypersonic suppressor intact and Jimmy asks Superman to come with him, thinking that he can reason with Siobhan. Superman and Jimmy, who has been equipped with a Supercorp jetpack, reach Banshee, who has flown high into the skies of Metropolis to avoid hurting anyone with her scream. Jimmy successfully appeals to her better nature and convinces her to scream as loud as she can, and Superman uses the hypersonic suppressor to cut Banshee's connection to the Phantom Zone. Later, Jimmy and Siobhan has a double date with Lois and Clark.

Dawn of DC






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