Jimmy Olsen fought in the resistance against the Malazza-Rem.

The Longest Night

Jimmy Olsen was approached by Lana Lang to assemble a team to fight the Malazza-Rem overlords of the Earth. She takes him to Clark Kent, whom she has only recently located. When they approach him, Jimmy learns that he is Superman and they head out to locate more Meta-Humans. They are found by Wonder Woman, who leads them to Green Lantern, who is fighting Malazza-Rem in Coast City. They are approached by a young Meta-Human named Superboy. They head to Seattle, Washington to enlist Flash. On the way to Metropolis, they re-encounter Superboy who joins heir group. When they reach the resistance Bunker, they are greeted by Metallex, with whom the Meta-Humans of the bunch form the Super Seven.

Men of Steel

Lana Lang leads Jimmy and the Super Seven into a trap and they are attacked by hundreds of Malazza-Rem. Jimmy and Wonder Woman are the only ones who witness her betrayal, and Jimmy, though he threatens to do so, is unable to shoot his former best friend. Wonder Woman then dies protecting Jimmy, and he continues to fight with the Super Seven until the battle is won.




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