Jimmy Olsen was the photographer for the Daily Planet who worked alongside reporters Clark Kent and Lois Lane.

He had a very close professional relationship with Clark.

When Lex Luthor's "Project Applecore" had accidentally released Doomsday from an alien stasis chamber, Lois had Jimmy join her. They took a Daily Planet helicopter so they could follow the action as closely as possible. Because of this, they were in a position for Doomsday to attack them. While the helicopter was wrecked, Superman was able to prevent it from crashing and set it down without injury to either Jimmy or Lois.

When Superman returned from defeating Doomsday and he collapsed in Lois' arms with Jimmy taking pictures. These included the apparent death of Superman. As the world mourned this loss, Jimmy left the Daily Planet, with these photographs being the last he took as a photojournalist. He moved on to working as a photographer for an entertainments magazine.

Later, when Superman supposedly returned from the dead and killed Toyman, Jimmy was found photographing Toyman's body by Lois. They then worked together to investigate Luthor, culminating in Lois drugging him in his office. They discovered his genetic research lab and his plan to create Superman clones and use them to patrol and control Metropolis. While they are searching the lab, the drug wares off and Luthor confronted them. Finding them in the lab, he threatened to kill Jimmy and Lois. This triggered the active Superman clone, who proceeded to stop Luthor and to destroy the lab. While the clone and Luthor were occupied, Lois and Jimmy escaped.

Once outside, Jimmy and Lois watched as the clone laid waist to the National Guard. During this, Jimmy spotted a black-clad, long-haired person resembling Superman confronting the clone on top of a building. Along with Lois, he followed the fight between the two which culminated at the Superman Memorial Statue. When Superman defeated the clone and reassured Lois that that he was really back from the dead with a kiss, Jimmy was taking pictures of the event.



  • He has a golden earring on his left ear.



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