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Jimmy Olsen is a photojournalist working for the Daily Planet.

Superman Family Adventures

Jimmy Olsen was heading to work when a rock ship crashed in front of him and an enraged Bizarro emerged. Olsen screamed for help and Streaky, Supergirl and Superman came to his rescue. After a brief scuffle, they realized he was just grumpy as the crash had woken him up. Later that day, Superman gave Jimmy a Super Signal Watch to make reaching him easier.[1]

While showing off the watch to his high school friends, a bully came along and accused him of lying. He threatened to beat him up, prompting Jimmy to press the watch. Instead of Superman; however, Beppo responded. While this was enough to scare the bully away, his appearance perplexed Olsen. The next day at Metropolis High School, an alien invasion attacked the school and Jimmy tried to call Superman again, but ended up summoning the Super Pets. After they defeated the aliens, Superman arrived and revealed he gave Jimmy the wrong watch, before correcting his mistake.[2]






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