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James Rook, also known as the Nightmaster, was the propiertor of the Oblivion Bar and protector of Myrra on Prime Earth.

Bobo makes fun of Nightmaster while introducing himself.

James Rook, also known as the Nightmaster was the owner of the Oblivion Bar. Before he became the Nightmaster, he used to play in a rock band called the "Electrics". He had a sentimental attachment to his bar, as it was the first place he played with his band. He was good friends with Bobo, also known as the Detective Chimp. Jim was the protector of the realm of Myrra and fought to defend Earth as well. He also taught the Blue Devil to master his powers and become a hero.[1]

When his world was invaded by Barbatos, he gave refuge to many of the remaining heroes brought to his bar by Doctor Fate in order to make a plan against the Bat-God's Dark Knights. They then decided to find deposits of the Nth Metal, the only thing they could use to harm the creatures of the Dark Multiverse. As they were discussing this, one of the Rabid Robins found their way into the bar, which meant the Dark Knights had found it too. The Nightmaster decided to stay behind to give everyone enough time to escape, despite the pleas of Kendra Saunders. He however told them to leave him to his death and was slain by the Dark Knights with his own Sword of Night.[2]

Nightmaster's funeral was attended by notable magicians and friends. Before dying, he had willed the protectorship of Myrra and his sword to Bobo.[1]