Quote1 You're not an easy man to meet these days, Jimmy. I used to be able to find you holding court at the Shanghai Lounge. Quote2
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Jimmy Wing was a crimelord in Gotham Chinatown's Triads.

Born in Macau to a Chinese father and a Caucasian mother, James Lei Wing emigrated to Gotham City as a youth and soon became the reigning crimelord - the de facto "Mayor" - of its Chinatown. At its height, his empire in narcotics, extortion, and gambling was legendary, even among the Gotham City Police Department and Batman.

In time, however, Wing was dethroned by Gotham newcomer King Snake, whose Ghost Dragons gang seized all his holdings and drove him out of Chinatown entirely. Wing never recovered from the blow, spending the rest of his days on smaller, supposedly "legitimate" ventures and occasionally serving as Batman's informant on Chinatown mob politics.


  • For unknown reasons, Wing strongly dislikes Chinese food.



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