James Woods (b. April 18, 1947) voiced Owlman for the animated movie Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths and Lex Luthor for the animated series Justice League Action and its related shorts.

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Acting Credits

Justice League: Crisis on Two EarthsFebruary 23, 2010 Owlman
Justice League Action 2016-2018 Lex Luthor
     "Repulse!" March 11, 2017 Lex Luthor
     "Luthor in Paradise" April 29, 2017 Lex Luthor
     "Inside Job" June 3, 2017 Lex Luthor
     "Best Day Ever" August 26, 2017 Lex Luthor
     "Superman Red vs Superman Blue" September 16, 2017 Lex Luthor
     "The Brain Buster" October 7, 2017 Lex Luthor
     "Race Against Crime" November 18, 2017 Lex Luthor
Justice League Action (shorts) 2017-2017 Lex Luthor
     "It's a Trap!" July 13, 2017 Lex Luthor
     "Plastic Man of Steel" November 2, 2017 Lex Luthor

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