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Jamie Harper was a police officer at the Gotham City Police Department and later the Metropolis Science Police. She was a great-niece of the first Guardian.

Jamie joined the force during the second period of James Gordon as Police Commissioner.

Harper was approached by Robin at the GCPD Headquarters and after gaining her trust, he asked her to search information about Batman on Commissioner Gordon's private files.[1] This action brought her some troubles with Roman Cavallo and Marcus Wise, who questioned her about her intentions after they discovered she had access to Gordon's files. Harper attacked them both and left them injured, telling them that she wouldn't answer to them anymore. Afterwards, she met Robin and told him that she found no evidence in Gordon's files that could be of any use to him.[2]

A few days later, a letter was delivered to Harper at the GCPD. The letter was a message for Robin and she summoned him by turning on the Bat-Signal. After delivering the letter, Harper went on a date with Jason Bard.[3]

Jamie was soon promoted to the Major Crimes Unit and partnered with Harvey Bullock. Their first case was the beheading of a man, who apparently didn't bleed.[4] Bullock and Harper came across more cases like this and during the third investigation, they finally found some evidence.[5] However, Officer Farelli hid information from them making it harder to solve the case.[6] Still, they found enough evidence to solve the case and after arresting Garret Day, Harper and Bullock learned of the existence of the Order of Purity and placed a bounty on the vigilante Azrael.[7]

Jamie eventually transferred in from the Gotham City Police Force to the Metropolis Science Police after she discovered the clone of her great uncle, Guardian was stationed there as the field commander because he was the only surviving semblance of family she had left.[8] She was eventually partnered with Mon-El who was serving as a new transfer officer named Jonathan Kent on behalf of Guardian. She grew to develop an affection for him as he served as her partner. Sometime later, Mon-El revealed his true identity to the Science Police and rejoined as his full Daxamite identity which eventually culminated in a sexual relationship with Jamie.[9] This relationship presumably ended when Mon-El disappeared into the Phantom Zone with Christopher Kent.

Following the events of War of the Supermen, the Guardian abandoned his role in the Science Police and took Gwen Harper and Jamie off to an unknown destination. During the travel, Jamie revealed she was pregnant with Mon-El's child that she conceived during the short time she spent with him.[10]




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