"Jamm" was a 'prodigious' skater-dude who was accidentally teleported into the 31st Century during the events of Bloodlines with Timber Wolf shortly after being attacked by the alien parasite "Angon". He found himself with the ability to issue verbal commands other people were forced to follow, and ended up having many members of the Legion of Super-Heroes take him around on a tour of the future. Eventually he was forced to relinquish them from his control when his actions almost caused them to plummet directly into the Sun of Daxam, and they returned him to the 21st Century threatening that they would come back after him if he ever tried to cause trouble again.




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This character was one of the many superpowered individuals introduced during the "Bloodlines" crossover event, where a number of Alien Parasites invaded the Earth and inadvertently activated the Metagene in a number of people. While not necessarily all members of the "Blood Pack", this group of people has come to be known as the "New Bloods". This template will automatically categorize articles that include it into the "New Bloods" category.

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