Jan-Al was one of the earliest Green Lanterns. A Kryptonian space explorer who led her people bravely through an dust storm after their spacecraft crashed. This earned her a Green Lantern ring.

Jan-Al of Krypton was an individual from Krypton's first strategic colonization, picked on behalf of her people for her courage. Their ship came into contact with an obscure star type "purple sun" that immobilized the boat and destroyed their communication systems. The team barely figured out how to escape, only for the closest planet which was a barren wasteland. Regardless, it was claimed in the name of the planet. As a dust storm arrived to the group, Jan-Al choice of remaining on the ground as opposed to looking for shelter demonstrated fearless as well as changed her future and that of her fellow explorers. When they saw that the storm had decimated the shelter they considered hiding in, Jan-Al was put on the path to becoming one the first Green Lanterns. She is additionally the first to find out about the instability of these force rings when her willpower exceeded 2000%, overcharging her ring and killing her.






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