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Element Lad is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Jan Arrah is the only survival from the planet Trom. The Horraz had been trying to use his people's inherent ability to change elemental properties for their benefit, but his people were always fighting back. The Horraz decided that if they couldn't use their powers for profit, then no one could, and the planet Trom and the entire Trommite population, except for Jan, were wiped out.[1]

During the auditions to compose the Legion of Super-Heroes, Jan introduced himself to the founders Saturn Girl, Cosmic Boy and Lightning Lad and told them about his people and showed the nature of his powers, for which Lightning Lad chose for him the alias Element Lad. Jan, however, said they could think of something better.[1]

After the battle of the combined forces of the Horraz, Mordru and Rogol Zaar against the Legion in New Krypton, Element Lad excelled in using his powers to rebuild the great residence of the House of El, working together with the Gold Lantern.[2]



  • Power Limitation: Jan cannot put back the elemental constitution of the thing that he changed like it was.[1]


  • According to author Devin Grayson, Jan and the other Legionnaires shown in DC Pride 2022 #1 means they've been recognized as LGBTQ+, evoking previous iterations of them that were as well.[3]



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