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Element Lad is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Jan Arrah was born to a race of element transmuters on the planet Trom in the latter half of the 30th century. Fearing the power of the Trom's inhabitants, the terrorist White Triangle destroyed the planet, leaving Jan the only survivor. After uncovering a deadly plot by President Chu of Earth, Jan joined the Legion of Super-Heroes as Element Lad.

When he and number of Legionnaires were transported to another dimension after an attack by the Blight, Element Lad transformed into Tromian crystal and traveled back to the beginning of time. Over the eons, his power corrupted his mind. He created a race called the Progeny, designed to remove the "imperfect species" from the universe, and called himself the Progenitor. After re-encountering the lost Legion, Progenitor attacked them and killed Monstress. Fused with a creature called the Omniphagus, the Progenitor finally met his end at the hands of Live Wire, who used his lightning power to overload Progenitor's brain.


  • Elemental Transmutation: The sole survivor of the planet Trom, Jan Arrah can transmute elements. Jan could transmute the elements of his own body; he was often exploring the nature of existence as a human-shaped crystal, metal or even wood.




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