Element Lad is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes.

Jan Arrah aka Element Lad is the last survivor of the planet Trom. In first story he is briefly known as "Mystery Lad" as the Legionnaires try to guess his superpower. The rest of his race was wiped out by Roxxas the space pirate and his crew when they refused to transmute common elements into rare metals and jewels. Jan had only survived this genocide because he had been in space at the time.

With the aid of the Legion of Super-Heroes, Roxxas is brought to justice and he then officially joins the team. He served with team for many years, serving terms as leader and deputy leader. He has had a long term relationship with Science Police officer Shvaughn Erin.

It was later revealed that Shvaughn Erin's biological sex is male, and that for years he — Sean Erin — has been taking a medication known as Profem to give her a female body. During a war in which the Earth was invaded by the Dominators, Sean is unable to maintain constant access to Profem. Jan is completely supportive when Sean physically reverts to his original male sex, saiying: "Anything we ever shared physically... it was in spite of the Profem, not because of it...!"[1]




  • Jan Arrah is dating Shvaughn Erin.
  • Jan's parents are named Arn and Valla.[3] By a coincidence Shrinking Violet's father is also named Arn.[4]



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