Jane Cartwright was a serial killer with a mysterious past and a former test subject of Hugo Strange.

At some point during her imprisonment at Arkham Asylum, Jane was taken to the secret Indian Hill research facility and experimented on by Professor Strange. He gave her shape shifting powers, turning her into one of his monsters. Following the experiments, Jane suffered from psychological trauma that caused her to discard her old identity and deluded her into believing her face was disfigured, even though she was still normal looking.[1] When Indian Hill was evacuated by Strange on behalf of the Court of Owls, all the test subjects were put on a prison transporter. After Fish Mooney crashed the prison bus, Jane Doe and the other inmates managed to escape and were unleashed onto Gotham City.[2]

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Behind the Scenes

Jane Doe was portrayed by Sarah Pidgeon while in her normal form. Due to her shape shifting powers, different actors took on the role, such as Dan Hedaya when disguised as Dix, Donal Logue when disguised as Harvey Bullock and Erin Richards when disguised as Barbara Kean.

The scene from "Nothing's Shocking" in which Jane is unmasked, kneels down and tries to hide her face while yelling "Don't look at me!" is a direct callback to the end of "Mean Seasons", in which Page Monroe does the exact same thing. In both the Gotham episode and the New Batman Adventures episode, it is Harvey Bullock who is responsible for ultimately unmasking her at the end and also the first character to see her actual face. While in the Gotham version he actually manages to convince Jane to unmask herself in front of him, the DCAU incarnation of Bullock aggressively tore away her mask.



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