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Quote1.png Jane is a cipher. She's incomplete. Her life is empty, so she covets the lives of others. She takes their lives so she can have their lives. Quote2.png
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Jane Doe is a notable serial killer who would observe and get to know people, then kill them and take their identities, trying to find one she could be happy in.

She does not limit herself in her choices by gender or occupation, based on her observations she is able to perform the job requirements of anybody she becomes, simply by forcing her mind to become them. In arguably her own words, albeit in the third person while still under the influences of the Anne Carver identity, "Jane is a cipher. She's incomplete. Her life is empty, so she covets the lives of others. She takes their lives so she can have their lives." While imprisoned at Arkham Asylum, she had usurped the identity of Arkham psychiatrist "Anne Carver," and was giving psychological evaluations of other inmates. But her disguise was discovered by Batman before she could murder billionaire criminal Warren White and assume his identity. However, she was able to lock White in a freezer, where his skin bleaches, and his ears, nose and lips fall off, completing his transformation into the Great White Shark.[1] Later, after escaping, White confronts her and strips her of his identity.

After the Black Glove's failed plan to destroy Batman, all the inmates from Arkham Asylum were transferred to Blackgate until Arkham was completely decontaminated. On their way back to Arkham, the vehicles that transported the inmates were assaulted by a new Black Mask, who freed the inmates, blew the asylum in front of all of them and forced them to join his army. Doe was among the inmates who joined Black Mask's group.[2] As part of Black Mask's plan, she teamed up with Mr. Zsasz and Firefly to attack the GCPD Headquarters. Using the skin of an officer that Zsasz killed, Doe broke into Gordon's office, murdered Gotham's D.A. and shot Gordon thrice in the chest.[3]


  • Mimicry: Jane possesses an unmatched ability to imitate others, superior to most genuine shape-shifters. Besides all of the equipment of whichever person she's adopting the identity of, she carries a tape recorder to help her mimic voices.
  • Disguise: Not only can she perfectly copy body language and speech patterns, but is a good enough judge of character to after observation nigh impeccably think the way somebody else thinks.

  • On one occasion, she nearly escaped from Arkham Asylum with a collection of body parts she had kept in unknown locations. The emergency exit required a fingerprint scan, a retinal scan, and a voice I.D., and she simply procured Dr. Anne Carver's severed hand, eyeball in a jar, and voice pleading not to kill her on her tape recorder.



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