Janey Lewis was a student at Ben Turner and Richard Dragon's martial arts school in New York.

While attending lessons there she and Ben started a relationship, which became more and more serious. She offered on one occasion to aid Ben and Dragon on one of their adventures but they turned her down despite their belief in her potential and pride in her as a student as they were looking for an ally with more experience. As she and Ben fell deeper in love they decided to marry, though Janey wanted Ben to meet her father Luke and ask his permission before they became officially engaged.

Unfortunately her father was embroiled in a plot to get rich by helping steal the prototype submarine he was guarding and he took their planned visit as an opportunity to publicly distance himself from the theft by having an associate stage an attack on his apartment. Janey was killed in the attack and once Ben and Richard uncovered the plot and her father's involvement Ben swore he'd get vengeance on Luke for his part in his daughter's murder.


  • Martial Arts
    • Kung Fu: Janey studied Kung-Fu under the tutelage of Ben Turner and Richard Dragon, both of whom considered her to have impressive potential.



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