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Janet Fals died during the Dark Multiverse invasion, but her father used his CIA connections to bring her back to life, releasing her remains to Civil Solutions, a futurist arms developer, who resurrected her with a new heart called the "Conflict Engine". The device requires her to start fights to stay alive, meaning she could not return to her old life or identity. She quenches her needs by fighting in underground matches as Firebrand.

To remain incognito to her father and Civil Solutions, she adopted the male name Ronan, moved from Gotham City to Mammoth City and served as a volunteer nurse at V.A. Hospital.

During her work, she was attacked by a mysterious patient named Alden Quench, the Bad Samaritan, who tried to kill her to get the Conflict Engine out of her, but they were interrupted by the arrival of Neon, Viking Judge and Ascendant, who hunted the Bad Samaritan for his crimes across the Multiverse.[1]




  • Technological Reliability: Without the Conflict Engine, and without feeding it the conflict it uses as fuel, Janet would die.

  • She had a flirtation with Joy, a female receptionist at V.A. Hospital in Mammoth City.[1] Firebrand's creator Steve Orlando has confirmed that she is a lesbian.[2]