Janet Kidder (b. 1972) portrayed Ruvé Adams on the series Arrow.

She is the niece of Margot Kidder.

Pictured: Janet Kidder as Ruvé Adams from the Arrow episode "Blood Debts"

Work History

Acting Credits

Arrow 2012- Ruvé Adams
     "Dark Waters" December 9, 2015 Ruvé Adams
     "Blood Debts" January 20, 2016 Ruvé Adams
     "Unchained" February 3, 2016 Ruvé Adams
     "Code of Silence" February 17, 2016 Ruvé Adams
     "Eleven-Fifty-Nine" April 6, 2016 Ruvé Adams
     "Canary Cry" April 27, 2016 Ruvé Adams
     "Lost in the Flood" May 18, 2016 Ruvé Adams

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