Janet Rogers was the fiancée of Allen Adam.

in 1982, Janet Rogers was engaged to marry United States Air Force Lt. Col. Allen Adam (a.k.a. Captain Atom). Two days before their wedding, they were both sold into interstellar slavery by Col. Adam's superior officer, General Wolfe, in return for alien weapons. Captain Atom was able to force their new "owners", the Gamemasters of Ragnath, to return the couple to Earth, where Col. Adam resigned his Air Force commission.

  • It is unknown if Janet Rogers and Allen Adam did get married after the events of Charlton Bullseye (Volume 2) #7. It is known that Adam did rejoin the USAF later, presumably after exposing General Wolfe's crimes.
  • Throughout her one appearance, Janet Rogers calls Allen Adam "John" (and so does the narrator). It is unknown if this was an error, or if Adam was using John as his first name at the time.
  • It is unclear if Rogers knew that her fiance was Captain Atom before the events of Charlton Bullseye (Volume 2) #7.



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