Janet Van Dorn was a lawyer in Gotham City, and openly despised the work Batman did, believing the matter of criminals should be dealt with by the police. She even went as far stating Batman himself was responsible for the many costumed criminals roaming the streets of the city. Inspired by this, the inmates of Arkham Asylum kidnapped Janet and Batman, forcing them into a false court case: The Inmates of Arkham vs. Batman, with Janet to be his lawyer. With no alternative, Janet played along. During the trial, she began to see that several inmates could have become criminals by themselves. Case in point when Janet pointed out that Jervis Tetch could have just left Alice alone, he bellowed he would have killed her first. Despite the jury giving the verdict of not guilty, the Joker, the judge, revealed they were going to kill Batman anyway by use of an overpowered electrical unit. Using a spare batarang Batman had left behind earlier, Janet managed to knock out the lights in the room, giving Batman enough cover to escape, and defeat several inmates and escape with Janet, who meet up with the police. After the dust settles, Janet and Batman both make an agreement: to create a Gotham that doesn't need a Batman.




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