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Janice Porter was the DA in Gotham City after Harvey Dent was turned into Two-Face.

While attending Gotham University, future District Attorney of Boston Janice Porter met a young professor named Harvey Dent, but for some reason transferred to Harvard the year Dent married a woman named Gilda. Dent later became the courageous District Attorney of Gotham City, but his career was cut short when a vile of fast acting acid was hurled in his face by Sal "The Boss" Maroni. Though Dent wasn't killed by the ruthless attack, one side of his face was horribly scarred, and he adopted the criminal persona of "Two-Face". The city acted quickly to replace Dent, and Porter became the city's answer to "fixing" what Dent had done while he was in office. Porter quickly got off on the wrong foot with Police Commissioner James Gordon when she wanted Alberto Falcone a.k.a Holiday released from Arkham Asylum. Porter had Falcone placed under house arrest at his grandfather's estate on the outskirts of town. Shortly after Falcone's release, a new holiday killer, Hangman would surface, killing cops and city officials. The primary suspect of the murders was Two-Face, who before his transformation, was associated with all the Hangman's victims. Gordon also formed a task force to help prevent the killings from continuing.

After a massive breakout at Arkham, Porter began having an affair with Two-Face. Porter would feed Two-Face information about police activities and other things. Later, Alberto's brother Mario Falcone, who Porter considered little more than a well dressed street hood, formed a loose alliance with Porter, and gave her info about the activities of Sofia Gigante, and in return, Porter would give Mario protection. Porter would then give this information to Two-Face as well, to assist him in his plot to bring down Sofia's criminal empire that he vowed to destroy as Gotham's District Attorney. Porter and Gordon eventually started looking into a series of murders where victims (notably police officers and city officials associated with Harvey Dent) were strangled with nooses, rather than having their neck snapped. At some point, Gordon's task force went into Gotham's sewers to search for Two-Face, who was hiding out underground. During the search, Captain David King was killed by the Hangman, and Laureen Wilcox was captured by Two-Face. Two-Face held Wilcox at gunpoint, but eventually gave in, and released the young officer. Before Dent's trial, he told Porter to bring every piece of evidence she had on "Hangman". During the trial, Dent managed to hold back his other personality, but this lasted for only a short time, until Poison Ivy, Mister Freeze, and Solomon Grundy attacked the courtroom.

In the ensuing chaos, Two-Face managed to steal all of Porter's evidence relating to Hangman. Batman arrived and managed to quickly defeat Freeze, but was stopped by Solomon Grundy who managed to overpower the Dark Knight for a few short moments. As the criminals made their escape, Porter was nearly killed by Ivy, but was rescued by Batman just in time. With all of her Hangman evidence stolen, Janice set out for Dent's underground hideout to confront him. But, instead of finding Harvey, she was captured by two more of Gotham's "costumed freaks", Scarecrow and the Joker. Porter was brought to Two-Face, and the Joker realized that Two-Face planned on turning the criminals over to her when their plans were completed. Joker intended to keep Porter as his "get out of jail free" card, but Two-Face responded by shooting Porter to death when she asked Harvey to tell them that he loved her, reminding her that Harvey Dent was married.

  • Porter's apartment is in the same hotel where Holiday killed the Irish Gang.
  • Porter's death marks a rare occasion where Two-Face didn't flip his coin to make his decision, showing that both sides were in agreement with the decision to kill her.