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Janos Prohaska was a Polish flying ace who started the Blackhawk Squadron.

He grew up in the city of Krakow in his native Poland and joined the Polish Air Force at a young age. Janos gained world renown during the Spanish Civil War, in which he fought on the side of the Republicans against the Nationalists.

After Nazi Germany invaded Poland during the outbreak of World War II, Janos attempted to defend his country. Despite making numerous successful attacks against German forces, Janos was unable to save his country and tragically lost his younger siblings due to the invasion. As Poland and most of Europe fell under Nazi occupation, Janos created the identity of Blackhawk and joined with several other pilots to combat Nazi tyranny, forming the legendary paramilitary unit known as the Blackhawk Squadron.

Following the end of World War II, Janos set up his own private charter air service in East Asia. However, he met with little success and sank into a dissolute life in Singapore.[1] But his life took a new turn in 1947 when he was hired by a woman named Cynthia Hastings to recover a cache of gold. Eventually reuniting the Blackhawk Squadron, Janos and his comrades began a new series of adventures.




  • The character was named in tribute to the Hungarian-American actor and stunt performer "Janos Prohaska" who appeared on many American television programs in the 1960s. This explains why a Polish character has a Hungarian name.


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