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Jared Morillo was a detective in the Keystone City Police Department.

Morillo previously worked at the Los Angeles Police Department. He moved from Los Angeles to Keystone City because it was his wife's home town and she wished to leave LA for a better life. He transferred to the Keystone City Police Department and after only two weeks on the job he was faced with a dozen murders all taking place on the same night. Detective Morillo took charge of the investigation and his first task was to enlist the help of the neighboring Central City Police Department as well as the Flash, who he realized was connected as he had at one time or another saved the victims' lives. Officer Fred Chyre insisted on helping Morillo as they followed a lead to the Cicada cult.[1]

As they found Cicada's hideout, the criminal slashed Morillo with a dagger which he had been using to transfer energy from his victims to himself. Morillo then realized that his wounds would heal almost instantly.[2] Later, while at Iron Heights, he found himself somehow connected to Cicada as he walked by his cell.[citation needed]

The Police Captain officially assigned Detective Morillo and Officer Chyre as partners after they solved the Cicada case[2] and they were assigned to the newly created Department of Metahuman Hostility.[3]

Detective Morillo was among the police officers who tried to stop the criminal known as the Weather Wizard from destroying the city, but he ended up badly injured.[4] However, because of his fast healing power, he was able to help Flash defeat the criminal.[5]

Detective Morillo was briefly replaced by Plunder, his evil counterpart from a mirror universe. Plunder shot him in the head, then buried him in a shallow grave, but his Cicada-acquired healing powers allowed him to recover from the injury just in time to stop Plunder from killing Chyre after Plunder realized the switch.[citation needed]




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