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Quote1.png Oh I'm no magician. My skills have always been a bit more... violent. Quote2.png
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Fate is a member of the League of Shadows and, alongside his teammates, he fights all those who threaten his world.[1]

Jared's world was invaded by a mysterious group of vampires from an alternate world who captured him and his teammates, but the mortal form of Etrigan managed to release him and easily destroyed the vampiric invaders and released his comrades. The leaguers realized that they were facing a vampire invasion, but now they were ready, waiting for them.

Thus when the vampires finally crossed to their home, the entire League of Shadows charged against the Super-Vampires, with Fate killing Sivana with his magical golden blade.[2]

During the Infinite Frontier, he joined an interdimensional team of villains called Injustice Incarnate to ensure that the worlds of the Multiverse would remain separate.[3]




  • Magical Blade



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