Jared Walton was a classmate of Tim Drake's.

Though he and Tim were friends, Jared constantly tried to flaunt his family's wealth and one-up Tim and his adoptive father Bruce Wayne. The pair's wealth attracted kidnappers who were abducting the children of Gotham's richest families for ransom money. Both were kidnapped while their friend, Zoanne Wilkins, watched. Tim was able to escape and, after switching to his Robin outfit, returned to free Jared and the other kidnapped children. He was successful, even with the untimely arrival of Gotham's newest vigilante Dodge. Dodge's interference lead to Jared being shot in the shoulder and Dodge himself falling into a coma before Robin could capture all the kidnappers. Jared wasn't seriously injured but had to wear a sling for the next several weeks.[1]



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