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Jarras Minion is the last survivor of Talyn, who helped the New Titans.

The planet Talyn was home to a war-like race constantly in battle. The solution was to introduce genetic changes that bred peace-loving people. For a millennium life on Talyn was calm, until the planet was laid waste by the psychic forces of Psimon. Young Jarras Minion was pushed towards his mother's greatest creation, the Omegadrome. The mechanism cybernetically linked itself to Minion and became an escape craft allowing him to leave his world. While aboard the craft, Jarras learned how to manipulate this technology, which could also convert into a suit of battle armor.

Jarras followed Psimon's energy signature back to Earth, learning to hate Psimon along the way, and arrived in time to help the New Titans defeat Psimon. After crossing paths with the Darkstars and becoming imprisoned, Jarras returned to Earth and was affiliated with the Titans. Jarras gave his Omegadrome to Cyborg, and then returned to the stars.