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Jarrod Jupiter was the son of billionaire philanthropist Loren Jupiter.

Loren enrolled his son at the exclusive Cardy Boarding School in Maine and had very little contact with him after that. Loren instead focused his attention on helping other teenage youths, namely the Teen Titans, thus instilling Jarrod with a deep-rooted sense of jealousy and resentment.

While still residing at the Cardy Boarding School, Jarrod developed a purple gas that could create intense hallucinations in the minds of whoever was exposed to it. It was his intent to use this gas to get revenge against his absent father. Jarrod abducted several of his fellow students then placed an emergency S.O.S. call to the Teen Titans. The Titans responded and Jarrod told them about the missing students. As the teen heroes investigated, they fell into Jarrod's trap. Calling himself Haze, he subjected the Titans to a series of bizarre hallucinations, most of which involved their own father figures or mentors admonishing them for failing to become proper super-heroes. The Titans fought through these hallucinations and finally confronted Haze directly. They fought against him on the top of a rain-slicked mountain peak. Haze lost his balance on the slippery rock and plunged down into the sea water below. Aqualad attempted to save him, but Haze was lost at sea.

Haze survived this incident and returned many years later. Still angry at his father, his rage only increased when he learned that Loren Jupiter had fathered another child – Lilith Clay. Tracking down his father and half-sister, he kidnapped them and brought them to his secret compound in the middle of Wyoming.[1]

By this point in time, Loren Jupiter had been mentoring a new group of Teen Titans. These young Titans teamed up with original Titans members Nightwing, Flash, Arsenal and Tempest and journeyed to Wyoming to save Mister Jupiter. Using his hallucinogenic powers, Haze manipulated the Teen Titans into fighting the original Titans by making each team appear as if they were actually known adversaries of the other. Combining his purple gas with Lilith's psychokinetic abilities, he had the ability to generate illusions so authentic that they were virtually real. The Titans battled against one another, but ultimately they fought through the illusions and joined forces to take the battle directly to Haze. They rescued Loren Jupiter and Lilith Clay (who had now assumed the guise of Omen) and defeated Haze.[2]

In a last-ditch effort to win the battle, Haze prepped his arsenal to "go nuclear", swearing that he would take all his enemies down in one fell swoop. Arsenal fired an incendiary arrow at Haze's weapon causing a massive explosion. The Teen Titan known as Joto dived into the inferno to save Loren Jupiter at the cost of his own life. In the fallout of the explosion, Haze was exposed to a massive dose of his own purple gas and fell into a catatonic state. Loren Jupiter and Lilith Clay remanded him to the care of a mental health facility.[3]


  • Telepathy: Haze acquired enhanced powers thanks to the Source Wave that he was bombarded with during the "Genesis" event. Similarly to his sister, Jarrod possesses some telepathic powers.
    • Telepathic Illusions: One of Haze's primary abilities is to create telepathic illusions in the minds of his targets. His targets see, hear, and feel whatever he projects into their minds. However, he is only able to make people see things they fear to see or crave to see, and he is unable to see the illusions he casts unless using his sister as a conduit.[4]
    • Mind Control: Haze has a limited degree of mind control, allowing him to force others into a sort of stasis and allowing him to force them to move their bodies to a degree, as long as he maintains concentration.[4]
    • Psychic Vampire: Haze can draw on the fears and other emotions of people to fuel his powers. He kidnapped over one hundred people to do so when he attacked the Titans.[5]
    • Vertigo Projection: Haze can give his targets intense vertigo, making it difficult for them to understand up and down, right and left, to throw them off-balance.[5]
    • Telepathic Amplification: By touching his telepathic sister, Lilith Clay, Haze was able to amplify his own powers to reach new levels.[6]
      • Molecular Reconstruction: After amplifying his power by making physical contact with his sister, Haze was able to make his illusions become reality, as he was able to transform Arsenal's yellow uniform into a red one that resembled Green Arrow's classic uniform.[6]


  • Chemistry: Jarrod Jupiter was a skilled chemist, able to make a gel and a gas that amplified the effects of his powers when others came in contact with either of them.

Other Characteristics

  • Obsession: Jarrod Jupiter's entire life has been dominated by severe abandonment issues wrought by the fact that his father Loren Jupiter spent so little time with him. As an adult, these feelings of abandonment evolved into an obsessive rage and jealousy of the Teen Titans.


Jarrod Jupiter used a purple gelatinous substance that he converted into spray form which he used to generate hallucinations in the minds of others.

  • Sometimes referred to as "Jaime Jupiter".



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