Jarvis Kord is the uncle of Ted Kord, and an insane scientist.

He was given the Blue Beetle Scarab by his nephew in getting the scarab to work; however, Jarvis intended to use the Scarab in powering an army of Blue Beetle robots to take over Hub City by sending them to different parts of the city on a rocket. His nefarious plan was thwarted by his nephew and the Batman, in which the former sacrificed his life by destroying Jarvis' rocket in the process.

After Ted's death, Jarvis based himself on Science Island where he impersonated his nephew's identity when he was approached by Ted's successor Blue Beetle Jaime Reyes. Jarvis tricked Jaime into helping him by powering up an new army of Blue Beetle robots to continue where Jarvis left off under the pretense of using his robots for a humanitarian cause. After Jaime eventually learned of Jarvis's plans, Jarvis quickly subdued him along with the Batman. Ultimately, Jarvis' world conquering plan was stopped again by Jaime and Batman.



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