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Quote1 I knew but one thing... that I knew nothing. Courage is strange. We all hope we have it, but few are truly tested. Although my sister certainly passed. But what of me? It was a question I asked myself many times as I pondered when and where my twin and I might meet. It was a brisk afternoon at sea, late in the summer, when I found the answer. Quote2
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Jason is the long lost son of Queen Hippolyta and Zeus, and Princess Diana's twin brother.[2]


When Jason's mother, Hippolyta, found out she was pregnant with Zeus' children, she felt that one of them would be male. She contacted Glaucus, one of the Argonauts, and asked him to take care of the boy in order to escape Hera's jealous wrath, as hiding a boy on the island of Themyscira would be next to impossible.[3] In addition, the Amazons were prevented from keeping their male children, as men were prohibited on Paradise Island.

Jason was raised by Glaucus, friend of Hercules, himself an Argonaut as well. Hippolyta requested he be named after Jason, the leader of the Argonauts.[4]

Darkseid War

Jason (Prime Earth) 001

Jason's birth.

Just before she died, Myrina—an Amazon assassin and mother of Grail, Darkseid's daughter—told Wonder Woman that the night she was born, the Queen of the Amazons bore another child right after Diana, and that it was a boy.[2]

Myrina didn't know what had happened to him, but she said he was the true Chosen One. Diana inquired further and asked what he was chosen for, but Myrina died before she could explain any further.[2]

Children of the Gods

Jason was working as a fisherman on a fishing boat in the Aegean Coast, Greece, when he was found by Wonder Woman. She discovered his location from a message in Hercules' last will and testament, which left all his possessions, including Jason's secret, to his half-sister, Diana. When Diana and Jason met, first of all they felt that they were deeply connected, immediately recognizing their sibling ties.[3]

Jason Prime Earth 002

Brother and sister reunited.

However, it would not be long before Jason revealed his jealousy for his sister, who was raised as princess of Themyscira and became known throughout the world as Wonder Woman, while he was forced to hide his existence from the world, living as a fisherman among the mortal. Still, he disobeyed his adopted father by engaging in battles against powerful enemies from the shadows, risking to be discovered. Because of this feeling, Jason sided with Grail and betrayed Diana, revealing his hatred for her.[4]

Then we learn more about Jason's story: how he came to live with Glaucus, how he discovered his powers by himself as a child and, at that moment, Glaucus told him about his real parents and that he had a sister; of how he was trained by Hercules, his paternal half brother, on the warrior's path, and, as a short time later, Glaucus left and left him alone when he realized that the boy had grown up and no longer needed his raising, leaving him a new fishing boat as a farewell gift. Now lonely in the world, Jason dedicated himself to living as a fisherman, but also to enjoying life; likewise, his challenges were becoming greater, as when he faced the Deep Six alone, which was sent by Darkseid after him.[5]

The loneliness he felt made it easier for Grail to bring him to her side, lying to him when she said that she did not kill Hercules and his other brothers and sisters to absorb the energy of Zeus in them for her father, Darkseid. Having taken Diana as a prisoner to the Amazon Jungle, the latter explained to Jason the truth about Grail's murder of Zeus's children, and, seeing her suffer fighting Grail and Darkseid together, Jason repented and turned to his sister's side. At that moment they were surprised by the arrival of Diana's lawyer, Mr. Blake Hooper, who turned out to be Zeus himself.[6]

However, Darkseid's real goal was to defeat Zeus himself to absorb his power and return to the powerful status of before he was defeated by the Justice League, while hunting and killing his children was bait to lure him. Zeus was killed by Darkseid, leaving Diana in a rage for failing to defeat him before he and Grail left, and Jason was overcome with remorse for his betrayal.[7]

Amazons Attacked

Jason Prime Earth 0010

His new armor.

Trying to become a better man and a better hero, Jason was welcomed by his sister to her home in Virginia, but their relationship had some bumps related to how Jason passed his time, throwing parties and having fun. [8]During this first period of life with Diana, Wonder Woman was attacked by a new enemy, Silver Swan. As the villain was obsessed with having Diana all for herself, Jason was targeted as he shared a strong bond with Diana, being her brother. This led to Diana planning to use Jason himself as bait to capture Silver Swan, a thing she was successful in doing. After that adventure, Jason wanted to leave as he understood he was not ready for life as a superhero, and he had to work out a way to change himself without the help of Diana. But after writing a letter to her sister saying goodbye, Jason was transported away by a mysterious force.[9]

Later, Jason came back and meets Diana and Steve in the headquarters of A.R.G.U.S., telling her sister he was transported in a dream-like location where entities he describes as "giants" gave him a suit of armor that, it seemed, gave him more control and endurance in utilizing his powers.[10] Excited for his new abilities, Jason wanted to test them out and has the chance to when Diana and himself head to Germany, as the local hero Wild Huntsman was attacked by Grail. It seemed one of the relics that Darkseid was searching around the world was protected by the Huntsman himself. Just before Grail could kill the German hero, Diana and Jason stopped her. Grail then fled through to a boom tube, with Jason disappointed for not having the chance to fight his old ally and lover.[11]

Wonder Woman Vol 5 43 Textless

Fighting Darkseid.

Coming back to A.R.G.U.S., Jason was confronted by Steve Trevor, Diana's boyfriend, who was not sure about his loyalty towards Wonder Woman. Jason tried to reassure him and Steve, demonstrating faith in Jason, gave him instructions to protect the relics A.R.G.U.S. retrieved before Darkseid. No one expected though that Darkseid was opening a giant boom tube to transport the entire A.R.G.U.S. building in the Amazon Jungle, where he set up his headquarters.[12] Thanks to this surprising move, the former ruler of Apokolips was able to get all the relics, giving him the power to open a portal to Themyscira: his plan in fact was about turning the Amazons into a new kind of perfected and far stronger kind of Parademon. As Grail, being half Amazon, entered the island and started the transformation process, Jason entered too, giving that Diana was cursed, and encountered his mother while fighting Grail.

After defeating the daughter of Darkseid who was imprisoned by the Amazons, the transformation stopped. As the portal for Earth was closing, Jason had to say goodbye to Hippolyta who gave him her spear to hold as a memory of her love. Back to the jungle, Diana and Jason embraced, sharing the love of Hipployta and remembering those they had lost. Darkseid was apparently dead, or at least not dangerous anymore, and Grail was prisoner of the Amazons on Themyscira. The war was over and Jason was on the winning side.[13]

Dark Gods

After his victory against the forces of Darkseid, Jason decided to search for his adoptive father, Glaucus, finding out that he was abducted for experimentation by the Kobra Cult. Saving him, Glaucus reveals him the armor he has is not helping him with his power, but it's granting him all the powers of every Olympian, even if he can use only one of them at a time.[14] Needing to find out more about the armor, Jason gets back to Greece where he arranged a meeting with the three Fates: they told him the armor was not destined to him, but to Diana, but after the death of Zeus the other Olympians misunderstood the will of the former king and gave the armor to him. Jason tells them he will renounce to it, giving it to Diana if it's hers to wield, but the Fates tell him he cannot do it anymore: the armor is bound to him now.

Then, they reveal him that it was created for only one purpose: contrasting the powerful Dark Gods. They are already here and Diana is about to meet them, so Jason better move quickly. Following the advice, Jason, using Hermes' speed, heads back to Washington where the Dark Gods, in the form of four gigantic monoliths, are approaching. Once there, Diana is abducted by the Star Sapphires, leaving Jason alone to face the threat.[15] Helped out by Supergirl, who got back from the mind control the Dark Gods had over her, and then the Justice League, Jason witnesses the awakening of the true forms of the Dark Gods after their leader, King Best, absorbed the whole Justice League into himself. It seems the monoliths were just a cocoon for the true form of the Gods, who needed a spark-plug of power to wake up.

In a kind of desperation mode, Jason is saved by a returning Diana, who was in Zamaron facing a fifth god and helping out the Star Sapphires. She discovered that she was the one responsible for the Dark Gods manifestation in their dimension, but it also seems that she is the key to sending them back.[16] As the situation is critical, being that the world has been subjugated and devastated by the Dark Gods, Jason uses the powers of Athena to find a way to permanently defeat the enemy. Tricking the Gods into believing him to be their servant, thanks to the power of Dolos, the Greek god of lies, Jason fights against Diana to keep his play going on, with Wonder Woman unaware of the whole thing.

After hitting Diana with a strong shot imbued with the power of Hercules, Jason reaches her and, being away from the reach of the Dark Gods, reveals to her his true intentions. The first part of his plan to defeat the powerful Gods is to trick them into absorbing both him and Diana into King Best's subconscious, where it seems their true forms truly live. After doing that, Jason goes on to the last part of his plan, a part that Diana never knew about: he will sacrifice himself as eternal prisoner of the Dark Gods in exchange of them leaving after restoring Earth to her previous state and freeing the Justice League, and of course Diana. As King Best accepts Jason's offer, the man is absorbed into the Dark Gods dimension, the Dark Multiverse, saving the world from the ominous threat of the five obscure deities.[17]

Jason's Return

Because of the inauguration of the Amazon Embassy, ​​representing the nation of Themyscira in the Man's World, the Dark Fates predicted that this would reveal new allies and found Wonder Woman's era of peace. To prevent this, they brought Jason back from the Dark Multiverse to serve them as an ally against Diana, but Jason refused, stating in front of his boyfriend that he would never again stand against his sister, no matter how much they hurt him, because he owed her to be true.[1]


  • Divine Empowerment: As a demigod, Jason possesses several superhuman powers.
    • Density Control: Jason can alter his physical state into a gaseous form, allowing objects and even Darkseid's Omega Beams to pass harmlessly through him.[13]
    • Accelerated Healing: Jason can heal from most wounds almost instantly like his sister. After having his throat cut by Silver Swan the would closed in seconds, with his sister noticing that the scar was already fading.[9]
    • Superhuman Durability: Jason is far more resistant to damage than common humans, he has taken blows from his sister and survived great impacts without injury.[6] Even a brutal surprise attack from Silver Swan was able to only temporarily incapacitate him.[9]
    • Superhuman Strength: As a demigod Jason is incredibly strong. As a teenager he was able to knock out a minotaur with one punch.[5]
    • Immortality: Like his sister, Diana and fellow Amazons, Jason lived longer and older than what he appears.[3]
    • Weather Manipulation: Jason has inherited his father's ability to control the weather.[4]
      • Aerokinesis: Drawing from Zeus' dominion of the sky, Jason has a special affinity with the element of air. Using this, he can sense the flow of the tides[5] or generate enough air pressure to create a tsunami[4] or a storm.[18]
      • Electrokinesis: Jason can summon lighting from the sky.[11]
      • Flight: Jason can fly fast enough to keep up with his sister.[4]
    • Magic[11]




  • Fishing Boat: Glaucus left him a new fishing boat as a farewell gift.[5]


  • Hippolyta's Spear: Hippolyta bequeathed to Jason an enchanted spear. Designed by Artemis and forged by Hephaestus, it was said to be unbreakable.[13] Jason named the spear "Polly" after his mother, and it can appear and disappear out of nowhere if he wills it to.[16]

  • Jason was born shortly after his sister, making him the younger twin.[2]
  • Diana once asked Jason if he had a wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, to which he replied that he had lovers.[4] He was later seen having fun with women[5], until, on his return from the Dark Multiverse, it was revealed that he lived with a male lover on the Aegean Coast.[1]



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