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Jason Bard was the former police commissioner of Gotham City.

He transferred from Detroit, and was personally chosen by James Gordon to join the task force. However this quickly took a sharp turn after Jim fired a shot at a voltage box due to Cluemaster's plan.

This led to Jason Bard getting a promotion to Lieutenant. While believing Gordon was innocent, Jason had no choice but to play along in order to keep his position in the force. This was particularly shown when he and the interim-Commissioner faced Batman on the GCPD rooftop. He ordered the smoke to be fired, letting Batman leave. He first met Vicki Vale at a scene of crime, where he was question on the late response to the case. Jason stated that he couldn't be the type of cop who leaked external facts to the media. This would lead to Jason being in a brief relationship with Vicki, and also using the power of the media in order to return power to Gotham. He used the power of the media while arresting some Falcone thugs to push the interim-Commissioner out of the office, taking upon the role himself. Both Batman and Harvey Bullock noted that he couldn't fill Jim Gordon's shoes, and Batman said that he didn't trust him but handed him a USB with evidence that Gordon was indeed innocent and was tricked into starting the events of Batman Eternal. Jason later declared martial action on the city, gearing up police with top-grade weapons and devices, in an attempt to bring order and control to the city.

It was later revealed that Jason Bard had been working for Hush, partially due to his own vendetta towards people like Batman. We learned through Vicki that Jason lost his partner to crime and caped crusaders, hence he was set to help Gotham to get out of their mess, commenting that that someone (referring to James Gordon) could help clean up Gotham with that kind of power. He released the Architect, who targeted a beacon tower, and also killed a renowned architect in the process. It was also revealed that Hush forced him to do this role in attempting to flush out Batman. This led to innocent police members being killed due to Hush blowing up Batman's caches across the city.

Jason was also interrogated by Batgirl who demanded to know why he didn't utilize the USB that Batman had given him to clear Gordon's name. Red Hood interrupted and let's go of the rope that Batgirl was using to interrogate Bard, but Batgirl caught it again just in time, causing Bard to break his leg. After retaking the GCPD from Falcone's hands, most of the higher up allies of Bard dismissed him, including Harvey Bullock and Maggie Sawyer. At this time, Bard realized that his actions had been in error, and he visited Gordon in jail, telling him that he had a plan to save Gotham. James Gordon thanked him for coming to him for advice, and he also told him to get him out of jail.

Bard was with James and was later with Vicki Vale, helping her to create the 18th draft of the article on Bard. Bard also mentioned that Bard was never his real name, and that he wasn't a hero.


Other Characteristics

  • Limp: Due to leg injury he sustained, he has a limp.


  • Previously GCPD issued gun



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