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Quote1.png Very well, Hal Jordan. You are my enemy now. And, I promise you, Hal Jordan, you shal regret that very much. Quote2.png
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Jason Bloch was a congressman, and the son of Conrad Bloch.

Jason helped his father carry on his vengeance against Carl Ferris by blackmailing members of the U.S. Congress into cancelling the government's contract with Ferris Aircraft, forcing the company to take desperate measures.[1] He even accused Carl of criminal negligence, using inferior material to skim through his contracts with the government, thus framing him as traitor.[2]

As part of his vengeance for his father's death, Jason also worked alongside Goldface to bring Green Lantern to jail.[3] With the help of a private investigator, Jason discovered Green Lantern was Ferris Aircraft's pilot, Hal Jordan.[4] Still intent on destroying Ferris Aircraft, Jason hired Javelin to steal their precious solar-powered engine, who in turn used it to build a rocket aimed to destroy the facility. Again, Green Lantern averted his plans.[5] Bloch was warned by Mr. Smith, a businessman working for Continental Petroleum, to stop threatening Ferris Aircraft because they had important business to complete with them. However, Bloch ignored Smith's warnings.[6]

When Green Lantern ended up in coma due to a fight with the Shark,[7] Jason saw the opportunity to attack directly at Ferris Aircraft. He hired the Demolition Team to destroy the company's complex. However, they were defeated by the Predator, who discovered their connection to Bloch.[8] The Predator snuck into Bloch's office and killed him when he returned, in retaliation for Ferris' destruction. Before dying, Block attempted to reveal Green Lantern's identity, but even then he failed.[9]



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