Jason Blood was an ally of the Insurgency.

Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year Three

Jason appears during Year Three as one of the figures of the magical realm that John Constantine calls upon to aid in their upcoming fight against Superman. Along with Constantine and Batman's Insurgents are the likes of Detective Chimp, Zatanna and Klarion that answer the call and meet at Jason's home.

Harvey Bullock, however, decides to walk out as the reliance on magic and other non-scientific methods is too much for him. As he tries leaving, Detective Chimp reasons to his fellow investigator to keep fighting. Since Harvey had left the door open, however, the seal keeping them hidden was undone long enough for The Spectre to find them. As Bullock is no longer able to close the door, Jason attempts to call upon Etrigan, but he is vaporized before he can complete his chant.

Jason's death causes a strong surge of pain for Etrigan, who mourns his host's death. Batman would later go on to succeed Blood as Etrigan's host.





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