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Jason of Norwich, known later as Jason Blood, is the mortal vessel of the demon Etrigan. Having walked the Earth since the Middle Ages, Jason utilizes his demonic bond with Etrigan and vast knowledge of the arcane to serve as a member of Justice League Dark.


Originally a scribe in Merlin's service, Jason was burdened with an ever increasing work load. Merlin's refusal to hire additional scribes sparked feelings of discontent and rebellion in the young scribe. Merlin, seeking extra defenses against Morgaine le Fey, turned to Hell, and received the rebellious demon Etrigan. In Camelot's darkest hour, Merlin, having foreseen Jason Blood's destiny, bound Jason with the demon.[1]

Demon Knights

At a village named Little Spring, Jason Blood and Madame Xanadu were on their pilgrimage when they cross paths with another immortal: Vandal Savage. They took a drink with him when their attention was called by the Shining Knight, who did not believe them to have been present at the Fall of Camelot. At the same time, the bartender had trouble with two travelers named Al Jabr and Exoristos. The bartender would not serve Al Jabr, but Exoristos roughly convinced him to do so. The the bar gets attacked by the Questing Queen's Horde, causing Jason to decide to transform himself into Etrigan to fight them off.[2]

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Over the Centuries

Several centuries before the 21st century, Etrigan became an opponent of the Demon Knights and after his defeat at their hands, Xanadu sealed him away deep underground in the human realm at the apparent behest of Jason.[3] The two broke off their romantic relationship some time after the Demon Knights split up, both because they had drifted apart and because Xanadu was disappointed in Jason for wanting Etrigan sealed away instead of trying to use their bond to protect the world.[4]

At some point, he became unbound from Etrigan and lost his memory of his long life and occult knowledge. He dyed away his persistent white streak, became a doctor, and took residence in Gotham City.[5]

Meeting Batwoman

Dr. Blood began experiencing daytime visions of demons and a group of medieval heroes, and left work worrying that sleep deprivation or a brain tumor may be the cause. He returned home to take a relaxing shower, but a sudden noise drew him out of it in a hurry. and he headed into his hallway only to see Etrigan standing over him, though he had no memory of who he was. Etrigan had no desire to re-bond with Jason and attempted to kill him before the chance arose, entirely ignoring Jason's lack of understanding. Batwoman appeared at the window and rescued Jason, distracting Etrigan long enough for him to go free.[6]

Later, Morgaine le Fey infiltrated his apartment and had captured the demon Etrigan. She was surprised to find that his memory had been wiped, but discovered she had no need for him, as the Sorcerer's Stone she required was amongst his belongings.[7] Morgaine used the stone to transform Gotham into a medieval version of itself with herself as its queen. In this new world, Jason remained a doctor, once again unaware of the larger picture he was a part of. Batwoman, still with her memories of before this transformation, visited him after one of his appointments and asked for his help to stop Morgaine. Understanding that nothing could be worse than his current, threatened position, Blood agreed to help her. He returned to her base of operations, where she had assembled the forces of Red Alice and Ragman, and Clayface, forming a group called The Unknowns.

During the fight between the Unknowns and her forces, Morgaine found Jason hiding behind a pillar and picked him up, ready to devour his soul. However, Batwoman found the Sorcerer's Stone and used her grappling hook to pull it toward herself and toss it to Blood. In the commotion, Blood shoved the Stone into Morgaine's eye and chanted the spell to re-bond with Etrigan, freeing Etrigan from her magic prison. With Morgaine stunned, the team managed to trap her within the Stone, which Batwoman shattered to return Gotham to normal.[8]

Justice League Adventures

At some point, Jason took to exploring crypts and ran afoul of cursed undead within one. He was rescued by the young hero Equinox who had come with an appeal for assistance, which he immediately accepted as thanks. The mission was to help fill the ranks of the Justice League United on a mission to stop a sentient lifeform being formed in the ocean from chemical pollution and microorganisms. Jason was unaware that the circumstances that caused him to be in danger so that he -- and thus Etrigan, their true aim -- would accept Equinox's offer were intentionally machinated by her team, albeit reluctantly on her part.[9] As a result of the team's refusal to explain the plan, Swamp Thing was seemingly killed. After Etrigan did his part and Jason returned, he tepidly congratulated the group over what they have wrought and departed straight away.[10]

Sometime later, Jason became called to an island belonging to Ra's al Ghul and came face-to-face with an ancient painting somehow depicting Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman being consumed by demons. After he released Etrigan to face the League of Assassins guarding the island, an encounter with al Ghul and his magically-inclined new ally Circe led to Etrigan becoming drunk with power and the two became unbound. Jason was ecstatic about his freedom and impending death, accepting his body's rapid wither to its proper old age. However, Batman implored him to rebind in order to save the world from Etrigan's demonic rampage and he once again accepted the burden.[11]

Over time, Jason came to believe that the inevitability of time and his burden of being bound to a demon was stripping him of any goodness; however, Etrigan privately believed that Jason remained fundamentally good, and that their bond under these circumstances was causing him to be shunned by his people. In an attempt to get him to unbind, Etrigan began vexing Jason intensely, initially to no avail.[12][4]

Belial's Reign

Jason began experiencing recurring nightmares of a young girl being immolated by Etrigan, which the latter took advantage of to taunt him to the point of him drinking heavily for solace. Sometime after moving to Death Valley in search of answers, a nuclear missile struck the Valley by the machinations of a demon, creating a demonically-charged hellscape. Jason released Etrigan so that he could survive the fallout and found that instead of swapping places in Hell, he became incorporeal and remained on Earth.[13] The changes to the land empowered Etrigan, but extended incorporeality caused Jason to feel suffocated and isolated. He also privately expressed concern that he was losing his ability to reign in Etrigan.[4]

Jason looks on in horror as Etrigan destroys Merlin's false form.

In the aftermath, they encounter the same girl from the nightmares and then Xanadu, who explained that she was drawn there by the same nightmare. Although Jason and Xanadu wished to help the girl, Etrigan was angered and unnerved by her presence and brought the nightmare to fruition, revealing her true form -- Merlin.[12] Merlin was on the run after being forced to aid the construction of a portal to Hell by its new King Belial, usurper of Lucifer and father of Etrigan. He had used the corpse of a girl who was killed in the blast but unaffected by the demonic energy, positing that she as well as they had been drawn there by the land itself to protect it. Though angered that Merlin once again manipulated them, the group allied with him and traveled to the portal.[14]

Their victory against the demon hordes upon arrival was short-lived, as they were ambushed and struck down by Belial himself, just in time to complete the spell to transform Earth into a new realm of Hell.[15] When Merlin was struck down, he transferred his life-force and the sword Excalibur to Etrigan, allowing him to defeat and kill Belial with Jason's help. The spell reverted the world to the moments before the Death Valley bomb dropped. The bond between Jason and Etrigan returned to normal, with Jason back in corporeal form on Earth and Etrigan in Hell. Concerned fallout from the incident may remain, Jason and Xanadu decided to stick together for the time being.[16]

Justice League Dark

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Reemergence of Merlin

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  • Decelerated Aging: Jason Blood is effectively ageless. From medieval times until the 21st century, he barely increased in age at all.
  • Magic



  • Power Limitation: Jason must incant most of his spells, specifically his spell to call out Etrigan. If he cannot speak or his mouth is bound, he cannot use his spells and becomes very vulnerable.


  • Motorcycle: Used to get around Gotham City.[5]


  • Angelic sword: Obtained during his time in Heaven.[18]

  • In his New 52 appearances, his natural hair was frequently colored as black; since DC Rebirth, his hair has been changed to red-brown in a closer match to his New Earth counterpart.



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