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Quote1.png Jay has become uncharacteristically fearful. Without the Speed Force, he's worried age is catching up to him. He's worried about death. Quote2.png
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Jay Garrick is a superhero speedster known as The Flash, and he is a member of the Flash Family. When his fellow speedster Wally West was possessed by a mysterious entity, he had his powers removed like the rest of the Flash Family. Jay worked with the Family to use their Rogue's gadgets against their former friend.

Jay Garrick was an older member of the Flash Family years in the future. When Wally West became the host of a force called Famine, he attacked the Family and removed the speedsters' access to the Speed Force. Jay and the powerless Family spent several years trying to stop Famine without their speed, using their knowledge of the Force and gadgets stolen from villains.

After stealing the Thinking Cap from Checkmate, Jay and the rest of the group cast their consciousnesses into Wally's mind, hoping to communicate with him. The Famine entity managed to attack their psychic forms, however, latching onto Jay's spirit and draining him of energy. This ability to interact proved to be one-way, and none of the former speedsters were able to stop Famine from draining Jay of all his life-force, causing his physical body to have a heart attack and die. His death proved to be the turning point, with the rest of the Flash Family no longer concerned about saving Wally West, only stopping him.





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