Quote1 ... so you're the little pain in the ass that stole my identity a few years back. Quote2
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Jay Garrick was a research scientist. One day, Jay was struck by lightning and gained superhuman speed. Eventually, he assumed the identity of "the Flash" and began operating as a costumed crime fighter. This led to him joining the Justice Society of America. However, his identity was exposed by Checkmate, which wanted Jay and the other members of the JSA to work for them. When Jay refused, they framed him and the others for crimes and had him arrested. Breaking his leg, to prevent him from moving at super speed. But, the charges against Jay didn't hold up and he was released.[1][2]

For over a decade, Jay became a hermit in Utah and let his leg stay broken. In 2010, he was contacted by Carter Hall, who wanted to reform the JSA, but Jay turned him down. A year later, Jay was approached by Bart Allen and Superman, concerning an entity that had been haunting Bart (who, like Jay, was connected to the Speed Force). Jay revealed that he had let his leg stay broken, to shield himself from the entity, who preyed on those connected to the Speed Force. However, unlike Jay, Bart chose to confront the entity, resulting in the death of both.[3][4] Inspired by the boy's actions, Jay decided to take some of the younger members of the Watchtower Network, to San Francisco and train them. These teenagers later formed the group known as the Titans. Meanwhile, Jay finally allowed his leg to heal, allowing him to super speed again.[5]


  • At the time of his arrest, Jay was 43 years old.[6] As the JSA ceased their activities around 1997,[7] this would place his year of birth around 1954.




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